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Name: Shannon Virkler
Age: 19 till next month! rock on!
Marrital Status: Married since 11-3-05 together since 9-21-02
Kids: I have a beautiul babyboy Derek and another baby on the way, doctors think its another boy, which im all for! Dereks perfect and i wouldnt mind another one.
Views on Family: WEll, im a stay at home mom. i have a wonderful husband (jay) he wants it that way, as do i. family comes number one before anything, and being home with my son all day is more then i could ever ask for. I believe stay at home moms have a HUGE job. We def. dont get to just sit around like most people think, its a 24/7 job. But its very rewarding. I grew up with a split family..i had no father in my life at all. Jay grew up with a divorced family..his mom just up and left without saying goodbye. So we are big on not letting that happen. We go to church, which i couldnt say that 3 or 4 years ago....hes changed my life for the better. We love eachother, our kids and god! A Family that prays together, stays together!..haha. k well thats all.

Thanks for letting me join your group!

p.s. sarah i love ya!
wow... thats amazing. you sound like you have your whole life together and know whats important. i know most people think anyone under 25 who's married is silly but i dont see it that way. heck im only 22. I love that "the family that prays together stays together". I so agree! :) smiles and hugs! Oh and you be sure to let us know when you find out for sure what your having...:)
i def. will let you guys know! :-D