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I got married 3 weeks ago and I realized that I didn't show you guys any wedding pics. so here they are.

Here's me and my hubby at our wedding. I made my dress and veil and gloves.We had a 40's jazz themed wedding.

Here we are with our maid ofhonor an best man

My aunt giving me away

Saying our vows

The kiss...

Mr. and Mrs. Silver walking back down the aisle

Cutting our cake

eating our cake

throwing my bouquet

Me now 3 weeks later.. I dyed my hair back to my natural color. I had it bleached for the wedding.

wow beautiful. love your dress and his hat. hehe very cute.
Gosh I wish I could have been there.
I was just crying about weddings actually.
haha, but seeing you both that happy puts me at ease.
<3 you