My hubby as you all know is 6 yrs older than me. Yesterday he told me that he is both emotionally and mentally ready for kids. The only thing he is waiting for is for us to be more financially stable and for me to be ready. So for me being 23 I heard that and went "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". I had always seen myself waiting until I was about 27 to have kids so by that count I still have 3 and a half years before I want to start a family. Rob's already 29 so of course he's ready. I just am not. I am scared. Children annoy me mostly. I mean I have been a daycare provider/nanny for almost 10 years and I do love it, but I get to go home at night. I do want to have kids I just want to enjoy marriage for awhile. I like my office and my alone time and my hubby time. I like putting work first for the most part. I actually love my job, I also want to finish college so I will be able to work in my field which is of course limnology (biology and chemistry of lakes and streams).
Then again I can't help picturing my office turned into a nursery. A crib with a canopy over it. I can't help seeing a rocking chair in here, a sleeping infant, a tired but happy me rocking her. I just know I have time to make that dream come true. I know way too many of my friends who had kids before 22 and they all say the same thing, that they don't really KNOW their husbands as anything but a father and they wish they had waited a bit more before diving into motherhood.
Is it really so bad to know I am not ready.