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Hey all-
I was just browing, and found this community-and decided to join.  

Name:  Anne
Age:  29 (till January...I can't believe it!!!)
Marrital Status: Married for just over 3 years to a great man, Jack. 
Kids:  None yet-gotta pay off some grad school loans first!
Views on Family:  Family is so important-they will stick by you in rough times and happy times.  I love my family, even though we're incredibly disfunctional.  I love my in-laws--they're so "normal" compared to my family, and they welcomed me into their lives.  I love my side of the family because we're small and calm and quiet, and I love my husband's side of the family because there's lots of them, and they're loud and there's always something interesting going on.  And all the kiddies are cool too!
Anything else:  A few posts back you asked some very thought provoking questions--I liked that.  I think I'll go answer those questions there. 

Hi. This is Shaybe.. the MOD. Welcome tp this community. We've been a little inactive lately but I am hoping to get more ..umm active...lol. :) So if you have friends that would like this community spread the word. Glad to have you. :)