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Hi members and friends. This is shaybe the MOD. I was just thinking that we should have some weekly activities to try and drum up participation. So here is this week's.
What are some things that you and your family do together to stay close?
My husband and I curl up on our nights off and watch movies. On Friday's we go and cash our checks together and then we go window shopping around downtown. At least once a month we try to have a nice dinner out on the town.
my husband and I snuggle a little every night, and we make sure we always eat dinner together at the table, and if we're home breakfast and lunch. We also clean up after the meals together.
Another thing we try to do is "go for a drive" which usually means going to a town about 25 minutes away to get coffee at Dunkins and then come back. Though, now that its dark at like 4:45, it doesn't happen that often.
Also, when he goes out of town he leaves me notes all over the place-like on my contact lens case, in my sock drawer, in the dog food bag, etc.