Hey guys. I have noticed lately that we have a bunch of new members. That's awesome. Welcome. I also have noticed this community has gone a little stale so I thought I would start a discussion maybe. I originally began this community as a place where we could kind of let our opinions on family be known as opposed to the people who think having children is horrible and call people like us "breeders". Then yesterday I was watching a show and that term was used again. They portrayed the American Family as this, a yocal hillbilly dad wearing a nascar cap and chewing tobacco next to a half drunk mom wearing curlers and smoking surrounded by four very dirty and ill kept fat blubbery kids. Then the people called them "breeders". Now I realize that this sort of family does happen... and living in the "deep north" as I like to call it, I see more than my fair share of these types of families, but to say it is the American standard? I really don't think so. It is a gross stereotype of epic proportions. Most low income families are strong and loving and put their children first.
So what do you guys think? Do you agree that the American family has become something distasteful?