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Name: Shannon Virkler
Age: 19 till next month! rock on!
Marrital Status: Married since 11-3-05 together since 9-21-02
Kids: I have a beautiul babyboy Derek and another baby on the way, doctors think its another boy, which im all for! Dereks perfect and i wouldnt mind another one.
Views on Family: WEll, im a stay at home mom. i have a wonderful husband (jay) he wants it that way, as do i. family comes number one before anything, and being home with my son all day is more then i could ever ask for. I believe stay at home moms have a HUGE job. We def. dont get to just sit around like most people think, its a 24/7 job. But its very rewarding. I grew up with a split family..i had no father in my life at all. Jay grew up with a divorced family..his mom just up and left without saying goodbye. So we are big on not letting that happen. We go to church, which i couldnt say that 3 or 4 years ago....hes changed my life for the better. We love eachother, our kids and god! A Family that prays together, stays together!..haha. k well thats all.

Thanks for letting me join your group!

p.s. sarah i love ya!
Hi all... we have a new member. I would just like to welcome babysteps122205. I can't wait to hear more about you. I am still trying to get more members. I can't wait to hear some comments or entries about the questions I posed. I'd love to see where you guys stand on some issues. Ok well Have a great day.
I thought I would pose a few questions for you guy to think about.
Why do you think that so many children in America are lacking in parental involvement, depressed, hyperactive, and have childhood obesity problems?
Why do so many women today think men are useless and not needed in the family units?
Why is divorce so high?
Do you think Abortion is ok? If so under what circumstances?
How do you feel about Adoption?

I would like to see more people joining this community. If you guys have friends you think would like this let them know.
hi, just joined the community and thought Id leave some insight!! Nice to meet you guys (even though right now I KNOW both you guys.) haha, Here we go..

Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Marrital Status: ..Single..but spoken for
Kids: Yessir..My baby boy who will be one one 26 September 2006..Yep thats next month :) Is named Alex Jaydon, but we call him Jaydon..and yes, hes wonderful.
Views on Family: Well as a single mother I always feel hipocritical saying my views on family, but since we are all friends here, I suppose I can speak the truth. I have wanted kids since I figured out women get to be the blessed ones to carry them..I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom with a supportive husband, but AS WE SEE...this plan has not yet worked to my advantage. Now before we jump to conclusions about wanting to be a stay at home mom..I feel like I should say, I also am striving to be a nurse..in the best ways possible. I want a career, but if the time may come where I had the means to stay home to raise my children, I very much would jump on that oppertunity. Strong Family values are very important to me, they are the only people you ever will have to fall back on..
I suppose thats all I really have to say about that...for now.

Thank you for accepting me into your community Shay :)
Much Love...

Hi. I thought as the maintainer and creator of this community I would say a little about who I am and post an info survey for you guys. I am going to add it into the Community rules also.

Name: Shay
Age: 22
Marrital Status: Married
Kids: not yet
Views on Family: My husband and I plan to have kids in a few years when we are more financially ready. We love kids and can't wait to be parents. I personally think a lot of children are being poorly raised and that because of this you see more and more anti children people. I am not one of these. I am a nanny/childcare provider. I am a big believer in firm but loving discipline.

Welcome to the community! :)