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A Place for Family
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This community is a place for women and men who feel that the traditional family unit is very important. Now this does not only mean mom, dad, kids. It could mean Gramma, grandpa, kids. Or Mom, mom, kids. Or dad, dad, kids. It can even be single parent families. It's not sex or genetic relationship that defines a family, it's love. What this community thinks is most important in defining a family is the love. We do not think children should spend most of their time in a daycare. They should know their parents/guardians. People should return to a more traditional way of life. More and more parents spoil their children to the point where they become mindless and selfish. Children need love and discipline. They need structure, stability and a good home environment.

This community is kind of taking a stand for family and against communities that speak out against children calling parents "breeders". It is not just a place for parents, but for people who someday want to be parents, or people who simply think family is important.

Community Rules:
1. Absolutely NO fighting. If you are rude to someone else.. for any reason.. you will be banned.
2. When you join introduce yourself and let us know your personal viewpoints on family.
3. Try to respect families from different backgrounds. We don't discriminate for sexual orientation or single parenthood.
4. Have fun and support eachother.

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